For Healthcare Personnel

Am I eligible for this ?
Lions Of Healthcare applies to all healthcare personnel who are employed under any of our participating healthcare organisations.
Do I need to pay a fee to claim these promotions?
There is no administrative fee.
How do I claim these promotions?
Simply display your official staff pass that shows you are an official employee under any of our participating healthcare organisations.
Which staff passes are eligible?
Please refer to this official list.
Can I claim a promotion more than once?
This varies according to the terms and conditions listed by each merchant.
How do I know which businesses are participating?
You can refer to our website through this list.
Does this only apply to brick-and-mortar businesses?
There are also online promotions that you can claim. A unique promo code will be generated exclusively for applicable healthcare personnel by participating merchants. The codes are available through your organisation's intranet.

For Enterprise

Why should I participate?
By taking part, your enterprise will show solidarity with this heartfelt campaign, raising the prominence of your business while doing a great service to the healthcare community. Your enterprise will effectively reach out to an estimated 71,000+ healthcare personnel through this united initiative.
When does this campaign start?
This is targeted to launch as soon as restrictions on businesses are lifted.
How much do I need to pay to participate?
Registration is absolutely free.
Is there a minimum duration for the promotion offered by my business?
Yes, there is a minimum duration of one month.
What kind of promotion must I offer?
This is a flexible arrangement that can be creatively configured at your discretion, for a minimum duration of one month.
How will healthcare personnel know that my business is taking part?
Your enterprise and promotion will be displayed on the website, for healthcare personnel to access. An official campaign decal will also be provided for display within your establishment and on social media channels to further boost exposure of your participation.
What if I need to make updates to my business’ promotion?
You can fill in this form on our website.